Week- 43



Good general demand for the 120,677 packages (7,928,530kilos) on offer in the market with easing tendencies and 17.92% were neglected.

The best BP1s available shed upto USC6 while brighter categories were irregular ranging between USC14 to USC32 dearer to easier by upto USC14 with mediums generally firm to USC36 above last levels but a few invoices eased by upto USC6. Lower mediums were better absorbed at firm to USC30 dearer with plainer descriptions fully firm to USC4 above last prices. Best PF1s in the market lost upto USC18 while brighter category shed USC12 to USC16 with mediums a weak feature at irregular rates and varied between USC14 dearer to easier by USC14 to USC46. Lower mediums were barely firm to USC30 below previous levels with plainer sorts varying between firm to USC14 dearer to easier by upto USC20. The best PDUSTs available eased by USC12 with brighter types firm to USC10 easier while mediums were a weak feature and depreciated by upto USC36 and more. Lower medium PDUSTs saw irregular interest ranging between USC10 dearer to easier by upto USC4 while plainer sorts were firm to USC16 dearer but poorer lines lost upto USC10. The best DUST1s available gained upto USC14 while brighter category were firm to USC6 dearer with mediums firm to USC20 easier but a few invoices were upto USC8 above last rates. Lower mediums were discounted by upto USC16 with plainer sorts firm to USC18 dearer although a few teas lost upto USC6.

In the secondary catalogues BPs were firm while PFs gained. Clean well sorted coloury FNGS were easier while similar DUSTs were steady. Other FNGS were discounted while DUSTs were steady. BMFs were well absorbed at firm levels.

There was more support from Kazakhstan, other CIS states, Russia and Egyptian Packers while Sudan, Yemen and other Middle Eastern countries maintained interest. Pakistan Packers, Afghanistan, UK and Bazaar were less active but Iran lent more interest. Somalia continued very active at the lower end of the market.






D1 - USC


365 – 490

415 – 439

392 – 425

400 – 426


374 – 430

415 – 430

350 – 400

390 – 412

Good Medium

347 – 388

410 – 428

294 – 398

360 – 412


268 – 386

234 – 362

274 – 325

280 – 356

Lower Medium

150 – 290

200 – 285

234 – 257

234 – 259


134 – 170

134 – 288

130 – 270

150 – 226


Week -43



6.7 million kilos on offer met good general demand. Best Western BOPs where quality was maintained gained Rs10 while others were barely steady. In the below best category a selection of bright teas were upto Rs10 dearer while others were barely steady; plainer coloury types were Rs5-10 dearer while others were lower by a similar margin. Nuwara Eliya selected invoices appreciated sharply following quality while others were irregular. Udapussellawas were Rs10 lower while Uva clean leaf types eased by a similar margin with others firm. Best Western BOPFs gained Rs10-20 and more following quality while others were irregular and sold around last week’s levels. In the below best and plainer categories prices were generally firm around last week’s levels. Nuwara Eliyas were firm around last while Udapussellawas were irregular and around previous levels. Uva clean leaf were barely steady while others were irregular following quality. The Low Growns were irregular. Shippers to the CIS, South Africa, Pakistan, Hong Kong and Japan continued to be fairly active while interest from the UK and the Continent appeared fairly selective; there was good demand from shippers to Dubai, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait.


Auction quotations in Rupees per Kg                            BOP                                      BOPF


Better Western High Grown                                        480.00 – 510.00                      480.00 – 600.00                    

Uva / Udapussellawas                                                360.00 – 660.00                      430.00 – 460.00                    

Good Medium                                                          500.00 – 550.00                      415.00 – 490.00    

Low Medium                                                            430.00 – 480.00                      360.00 – 390.00





There was fair demand following quality. Java Orthodox BOP/BOPF/PF were firm to 3cts easier while DUST/BT maintained last levels; DII/BTII better lots appreciated by 3-5cts but good mediums depreciated by 2-4cts when sold. Java CTC BP1/FNGS gained by 2-6cts above last week sale; DUST/D2 maintained previous prices. Sumatra BOP/DUST strengthened by 3-9cts above last while BOPF/PF/BT maintained last week’s prices; PFII/DII/BTII advanced by 2-3cts above previous rates.




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